Contractual and Commercial

Contractual and Commercial

Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile, Malizia & Partners LLP is an Italian-American law firm with offices and lawyers in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Rome specialized, among other things, in Litigation and Arbitration. Thanks to the competence and professionalism of its lawyers, the International Law Firm can assist and represent clients in a wide range of business disputes both in civil and commercial disputes, both in court - federal or federal - or in arbitration commissions and mediation. Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile, Malizia & Partners LLP represents a wide range of clients, from private to public institutions. We strive to represent our customers in a way that enables them to successfully take action or respond to existing actions, using the procedural and substantive skills that our lawyers have accumulated in their careers. The International Law Firm TLRT is internationally recognized for its vast experience in the areas of Commercial Law and Contract Law.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary experience of its lawyers in Italy and in the USA, the TLRT International Law Firm is able to offer consultancy in all aspects of Commercial Law and Contract Law:

  • from the establishment of a new company abroad;
  • to the satisfaction of the numerous needs of the company, offering a wide and complete international assistance service in order to allow the customer to solve problems related to growth and business development. 

Our lawyers in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Roma combine a strong professionalism in the areas of Commercial Law and Contract Law with a global, efficient and “tailor-made” approach by the Customer. The TLRT International Law Firm offers excellent advice aimed at the scrupulous evaluation of contractual, corporate and financial issues, transactions concluded or to be concluded.

The skills and experience of the work team make it possible to offer high quality assistance in a very wide range of aspects of international business law:

  • corporate transactions and shareholder agreements;
  • merger and acquisition
  • corporate restructuring;
  • insolvency hypothesis;
  • company disposals;
  • arbitration and mediation etc.
  • the technical and linguistic skills of our lawyers and the unprecedented problem solving approach allow the rapid and efficient conclusion of transactions and contribute to their success.