International Tax Law

International Tax Law

A certainty about taxes,is that the codes and statutes that govern companies are complex and always changing. The International Law Firm Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile, Malizia & Partners LLP guides companies and individuals through the tangle of federal and state tax laws by decoding complex tax codes and communicating with our customers to understand the general tax implications to achieve their business goals.

Whether we are dealing with a consultancy on a corporate income tax or personal income tax, or to solve regulatory and control problems, our view on the International Tax Lawis always positive because we know how to move in a legal context to favor our customers. Our tax department looks for proactive approaches and identifies the most efficient methods for each individual customer case in order to optimize transactions.

Many of our Italian and international customers make transactions that go beyond borders and some of the most important issues we follow are worldwide. In addition to advising clients on individual projects or transactions, we also act as legal advisors to tax authorities in foreign jurisdictions and are often chosen by medium-sized companies and multinationals as their tax consultants.

International Tax Law: the Tax Code

The Tax Code (tax identification code) is often one of the key points regarding financial planning for an individual, family business or for an emerging business. Lawyers in our Tax Department combine in-depth analysis and innovative techniques to meet the client's goals and maximize financial benefits in tax planning and planning of personal income tax, executive compensation and employee benefit planning.

Having considerable experience in managing tax codes and VAT numbers in Italy and the United States, the lawyers of the International Law Firm Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile, Malizia & Partners LLP offer intuitive and practical planning strategies that can reduce the tax burden on transactions , as well as an experienced and effective defense when the IRS or state tax authorities dispute your transactions.

Our strategies to solve complex tax problems have supported our customers, not only in many difficult business transactions, but also in very complex tax disputes. We have played a fundamental role in resolving important tax issues for our customers both in the United States and in Italy by helping them achieve their business goals.